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It doesn't matter because the .40 Short and Wimpy has no stopping power...

In my town not so long ago some doofus shot himself in the leg and drove himself to the hospital and walked in and asked for treatment....

You gonna risk your life on that round?

As a medic in both the military and civilian world, I disagree with this statement. You can be shot in the leg with a .45 and still drive yourself to the hospital. Unless shot placement disrupts the femoral artery, then damage would be limited to muscle tissue and/or bone. A shot to the abdomen or chest will result in critical CNS damage. You can get shot in the arm and still live. It is just not a critical wound zone. Caliber is only 50%. Shot placement is the other. A .22 will not kill you quickly if it hits you in the stomach, but in the head, it can be instantly lethal.
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