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As far as dogs are concerned, EVERY dog I have ever seen present during a search warrant has turned tail and run. No matter what the breed or how bad a dog. ten or more guys, flash bangs, loud, aggressive movement..I've yet to see a dog hang around. Thats not to say I won't see the one that will tomorrow but, thats what Tasers and pepper spray are for. We usually find them hiding in a back room or under a car in the yard. They may bark, which is sometimes all a BG needs to set up an ambush, but actively attack...I personally have never seen it although there have been a couple close calls with "fear biters".

As far as cops hitting the wrong residences, it unfortuantely does happen. I personally don't understand how but it does. When I write a warrant, I'm painfully accurate as to where my target is to include ground photos (air photos also if possible) and landmarks. I also make sure that the otehr members of the unit all know what the place looks like daytime or night time.

If I know my target is heavily armed or inclined to resist, the last place I want to take you on is your house which is home turf. If I think a target is bad enough, I'll try and take him a different way and then hit the house...everybody has to go to the store or to work or someplace eventually. It's just a matter of planning...and some luck.

I think the best way not to get shot either by accident or on purpose, is to comply immediately and work things out once the smoke clears. When the guys come in the door, they're probably not going to give up the momentum because someone shouts that they're calling the police. For all we know, they're loading magazines and trying to buy time
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