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This is not a good situation at all. The cops think you're tha bad guy and will shoot you if you resist. You get a rude awakening and assume the worst and arm yourself. I wish they could require a call back directly to the house for suspicious calls rather than simply sending in the SWAT Team.

There have been home invasions where the criminals dressed up as police and forced their way inside the home. I hate to sound naive, but if someone busts down my door and yells police, I throw my hands up and surrender. I'm not going to hold them at gun point while I ask for ID. I'm not a criminal and I live in a good area, but mistakes do happen. I'm not ready to take the chance and accidentally shoot an officer, and likely to be gunned down myself (if they send in a team).

Basically, if I see a bunch of flashing lights and people with police emblazoned across their vests, I will walk out with my hands up and let them sort out whatever mistake they have made. Doing anything else is likely to be suicide.
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