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Lots of loopholes throughout the entire scenario. Both sides.

No Knocks are getting cops killed, and yet they continue to use them. No knocks are costing lots of cities big money, but they are allowing them. No knocks have killed a few innocent civilians, and that means right there they have to stop. PERIOD. end of discussion. In America, we do not allow the Law to kill innocent Citizens. As soon as we say well its just a few, we have broken the Code of Honor that the Constitution was written to protect.

Frankly, at my house, with my door, dogs and situation, they would lose badly.

Its a pretty simple concept, Police are NEVER allowed to kill Citizens who have not committed a crime.

if we want to stop this stuff, do this, its very simple

If a Cop messes up. or a bunch of cops mess up. ALL DAMAGES are paid out by the individual. retirements, 401K's etc are cashed out when they break the law. If that does not supply the required money, then overtime and payraise money is tapped for the whole department.

Making tax payers pay for bad cops only rewards the cops. hurt the bad cops in the pay envelope. Take away retirement benies to pay judgements. All of a sudden cops have to operate under the same rules as anyone else, your actions will hurt you in the wallet. If you screw up bad enough,and brother officers lose pay raises and overtime because of you, they will tell you to find another line of work. Its called cleaning from the inside out. It works well.
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