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Originally Posted by Sarge
How about we re-rail this thread back on topic. Who should moderate individual posts? Mods or members?
Well, after some deliberation I'm inclined to agree that the moderators should be the ones to correct sloppy posters. They are all tactful and considerate and a tactful and considerate PM to a new member would be all that it would take for the vast majority of people to understand this sites posting guidelines.

Originally Posted by Tuttle8
And, by all means, I invite ANYONE to correct me in the same manner.
Originally Posted by Tuttle8
how comma placement changed the entire context of its meaning.
While you are placing those commas, you might want to place an apostrophe between the s and the t in it's.

I'm just teasing you Tuttle8, I agree that we should all do our utmost to make our posts as well written and grammatically correct as possible. I also feel we should all do our level best to provide accurate, factual information. I just believe that a well worded PM from a moderator would more than likely be all it takes to get a new member headed down the right track.
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