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I agree with Peetzakilla completely. I don't have a real problem myself as I'd like to think I have good grammar. This is however, something I see pretty regularly on the forums. I agree that members should have enough respect not to over abbreviate or use a lot internet jargon. Proper punctuations is also importatnt. A mispalced comma can completely change the context of what is being said. When I see people unable to write like they've taken English in high school, it does irk me. I think it shows a lack of education, but I don't feel compelled to straighten anyone out. Often people are less than cordial when do. Sometimes just plain rude. Tuttle8 feels it to be his pace to correct people in public. That's fine, but we don't have to be mean about it. I have read posts from members that were clearly meant to humiliate. That's not right. We ought to remeber that we're adults here. Citing the lesser points of others can sometimes tend to do the same for oneself. Like the absence of maturity.
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