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IMO,Peetzakilla has the absolute right line of thought. A few of the members here seem to have a problem with the "how-to`s" of self-policeing and are downright rude. If we really want to self- police this forum how bout pm`ing someone when they make a mistake or don`t spell something correct. Rather it seems as though a few get their jollies trying to make someone look bad for everyone else to read:barf:. Thats not self-policeing. Just because some aren`t as intelligent or computor savy as other`s doesn`t give anyone the right to be rude. No, there isn`t a benefit in hurting feeling`s. There is a benefit in correcting someone without being rude. I for one hope the mods. start coming down hard on those(that can spell and are computor savy) who are not intelligent enough to understand that there are less fortunate people in the world. Thanks Peetza for this thread!
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