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The two main ingredients for short barrel life are, weight of bullet in relation to caliber, and amount of powder. One could argue the benefits of the
6.5X.284 vs ANYTHING and it's all a matter of pressures/heat developed in the barrel, and the length/weight of the bullet.
Man you could argue which is a better 1000yd rifle till the sun goes down but
the rifle that shoots the best is the one the shooter knows and can shoot sub MOA at 1000 yds.
But for hunting out here in the N. Idaho sticks I like the .280 A.I
for deer which tend to be large and tenacious. For anything bigger the
.338 winnie mag does just fine. In fact I have hunted both calibers in B.C. for
mulies and moose and granted I'm bias but the .338 had never let me down through 9 moose and the .280 A.I. w/ the 145 gr cookin right along at 3250fps just puts meat in the freezer. My granddad always said you can shoot a howitzer but if you can hit em in the right place it just don't matter !
PS if you told my grandfather that the 30-30 wasn't enough gun for elk moose and deer he would have thought you were ignorant.
He hunted for the Hudson Bay Lumber camps keeping them in meat and
as a PH in his time lordly that man could put meat in the pot. . .
That SOB
I have to agree that the .308 just keeps winning in F class 600 and 1000 yd shoots. Great round. I will however be using a 7mm-08
w/ 26" bbl and H414 W/ 49gr. and 140 gr for some 600 yd shooting
I'm amazed at the accuracy of the 140gr .284 accubond !
Blaze on brothers !!

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