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just a comment / suggestion from a noob here :P

I personally think curbing access based on post count has a negative effect and promotes just random posts of nonsense rather then the possibility of a post with insight. If anything, maybe a dollar donation to see "the gun show" if something were needed to be added. Though I do not think that would curb the bickering at all. Just imo I think like mentioned above it is a phase right now because of all the hustle that seems to be going to to purchase/trade. I know if I was limited for being a noob, I would of not already been able to make a purchase from here already and leave positive feedback.

I know this was curbed on a very popular car forum I belong to when things seemed to get out of control in their feed back section also for the for sale section. It was right around the time a very popular car movie came out also and the site was really hopping which I think maybe the case here as well.

And mods and admins I say this while ducking as I know it makes more work for you, but ...
the post has to be approved before it is added. ~~~~~~~~~~ducks~~~rolls~~~~~~~ ahh you missed, cool lol :P

Because feedback is a section that is not used like the others..on average there was maybe 10-15 daily...and from what I have seen so far it looks like on average 5'ish if you do not count reply's.

I am even sure you could find a member to bring aboard to staff to just allow or deny a feedback post once or twice a day. Imo there should only ever be two people who post in a feedback thread started, the original poster and the one the post is about with maybe a rebuttal or thank you other then that, two posts per feed back imo is all that is ever needed say what you have to say and be done with it. You could even merge feedback regarding members /sites/ stores already listed if your were bored and had the time.
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