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Reference post #28. I take issue with anyone who thinks "theres benefits to hurting feelings". The question I always ask myself is 'would I say this if I were face to face with the person'? With that being the case I post accordingly. If you are the type of person who sees a need to respond to people in a rude way it speaks volumes about the kind of person you are, your level of intelligence, and not that of the other person.
That would be me, so here's my response:

1. I'm not talking about calling out for a correction for the occasional wrongly spelled word, punctuation error, etc. I think if you read the link provided by Antipitas regarding what the owner's (Rich Lucibella) philosophy is, you'll find that this isn't what the problem is.

2. Ever gone through 2nd grade? Ever disrupted the class? Ever have that teacher that smacks the back of your hands with a ruler right in front of the class? Hurt, didn't it? I bet you were a little embarrassed having that happen in front of your friends and Jennifer. You know, Jennifer. That girl you had a crush on. I'm willing to bet that you didn't disrupt the class like that again, did you? I don't think the teacher would have gotten as effective results by taking you out of the class room and gently chided you in private....

3. I never said anything about responding in a rude way, just up front.

4. Read VERY carefully: I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have the guts to speak the same words I post here face to face. I don't hide where I live and I don't hide where I'm currently located. I'm willing to meet anybody within reasonable driving distance from my home at a neutral ground to hear me repeat what I post to their face. This offer will always stand with me on the grounds that it isn't taken that I want a physical confrontation. I will meet face to face to stand by and prove my word and to further the discussion in an adult manner. I'm currently in West Palm Beach for training until Feb 13th. So if anybody wants to take up my offer, by all means PM me.

Example #1: i cant beleve this is goin on and on and on what ruup2? whats the best gun ever you owned savage mossberg remington colt45 or what

Example#2: I can't believe this situation is ongoing. What is the problem? What's the best gun that youve ever own? Savage? mossber? Remington?

There's a distinct difference between these two examples. One I believe there's honest grammatical errors. The other I believe is just pathetic.

I do however believe that my posts, and most others are easy to read and comprehend. I don't need you (generally speaking) to be a english major. Don't remember it being a requirement for joining this site either.
Most? Yes. But my first example is by no means an exaggeration of what has been posted here.

I do expect you to represent yourself as best that you can given your level of intelligence and education. I would be terribly disappointed and would end my association with this site if a persons best was not accepted and were asked to "go somewhere else that allows it". How can anyone hold others to a standard that they obviously don't meet?
This the whole point. It isn't about a person's intelligence level or education. There's some members here that are up front about their English skills aren't exactly going to win them a scholarship to Oxford. However, it's obvious in their effort to communicate the best they can. And that's fine and dandy.

In a grey area, it isn't required for you to have an English major. However, it IS required that each and every member including staff to be held to a higher standard than some other gun sites.
If it were up to me, the word "got" would be deleted from the English language.

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