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Reference post #28. I take issue with anyone who thinks "theres benefits to hurting feelings". The question I always ask myself is 'would I say this if I were face to face with the person'? With that being the case I post accordingly. If you are the type of person who sees a need to respond to people in a rude way it speaks volumes about the kind of person you are, your level of intelligence, and not that of the other person.

I'm all for proper grammar and punctuation. At the same time I acknowledge my shortcomings in this area. I do however believe that my posts, and most others are easy to read and comprehend. I don't need you (generally speaking) to be a english major. Don't remember it being a requirement for joining this site either. I do expect you to represent yourself as best that you can given your level of intelligence and education. I would be terribly disappointed and would end my association with this site if a persons best was not accepted and were asked to "go somewhere else that allows it". How can anyone hold others to a standard that they obviously don't meet?
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