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First the SWAT team would have to get by the bedded down moose behind my house. That would almost certainly alert the dogs, and me too. With the SWAT members either shooting moose, or getting the tar stomped out of them by the moose (really - don't get between a mama moose and her babies!), would give me some time to dial 911 and find out what was going on.

In all seriousness, I would hope to never have a SWAT team breech my house. I would think that the dogs would give ample warning before a breech, but never hope to have to deal with this kind of conflict.

This is one reason that I believe in a verbal challenge from a "bunkered" position when considering HD scenarios. If you yell out, "Stop! I have already called 911/the police!" before they enter your room, that may play out differently than if you wait for a door to begin opening and then start letting the lead fly.
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