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You have a driver's license valid in a state which allows right turn on red light. You drive in a state which does NOT allow right turn on red light. Does that mean because the state you driver's license is from allows it that you can now do it in the prohibited state? NO.

The opposite is also true. If your state forbids right turn on red, does that mean that you cannot do it in a state that does allow it because your drivers license state prohibits it? NO.

Same way with concealed pistol permits. Your Ohio CHL allows you to carry in a manner, in Indiana, that an Indiana resident with an Indiana license may carry, nothing more, nothing less. You must obey the state laws of the state you are physically located in, not where your license is from.

It has to do with the terms of your actual license, not the terms of your home state's laws. For instance, if you license specifies a caliber limit on the license itself, the caliber limit is still a term of that license in Indiana. If the license itself states handguns only, then the handguns only restriction would apply, but if the handguns only restriction is somewhere else in your state's laws, and not on your license, then that restriction would not apply, because that is a separate statute and not a term of your license. Expiration date would also be a term of your license. Just like the driver's license - corrective lenses, weight restrictions, hours restrictions, etc would still apply, but not your home state's rules of the road.

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