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Gee whiz people

Ya know, I gotta tell ya, I never thought that this would happen from what I thought was a simple question.
I have fear of getting inside the S&W. I'll take off the side pate,correctly, remove the strain spring, hammer, and lock, but that's as far as I'm comfortable. The next step is the rebound slide and that strikes fear into me.
I really want to put in a lighter rebound spring, but my fear is stopping me and making me think about employing a gunsmith. I need to get over it.
Routine cleaning for me will be a once a year event. I shoot a 22-4 that just came back from S&W and my goodness it's slick and smooth. After 2-3K rounds I know that there will be fouling inside the lockwork and will need some attention.
Once the spring is changed out, if the only thing I need to do is take off the side plate, hose it out with gunscrubber and reassemble, then I guess I should a stood in bed, rather than open this thread.

No seriously. I'm not advocating taking the thing down to individual parts just because I fired 36 rounds in load development or sight adjustment. However, I believe that I should be able to change simple springs and do a proper clean and lube when needed.

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