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Leadcouncil, I was about to post a question similar to yours. You are saying that the bill contains no anti-gun measures. On the way in this morning someone called into a talk show ranting about the stimulus package including a 5 cent tax per round charged to the manufacture as well as some other stuff relating to serializing ammunition.

I generally take everything on talk radio with a few grains of salt, so I am curious if there is any truth to this? Does anyone know for sure if this is included or not? I have spent the past few mins searching the net and can not find anything regarding it. Are you sure that there is no firearms related stuff in the package? I am going to continue to research but as of now it looks like you are correct. As to whether that's a good sign that its not included, it's hard to say.

It would be hard to push a gun law as stimulus, but I am sure it will come up eventually stuck in some different package. I challenge all of us to stay alert, read and research and stay informed so that we can attempt to cut off any anti 2nd amendment issues before they are passed.
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