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Yep, and what is the benefit of hurting their feelings? None. The grammar should be corrected and they should be banned if they refuse to comply. Public humiliation benefits neither them nor us.
If merely telling the violator that I don't understand their statement and ask to provide clearer context in the future is going to hurt his/her feelings, then there's serious underlying problems. Mutual respect for your fellow gunowner is one thing. But the need to walk on eggshells here is another. We're all adults here. If one is so offended by a simple statement then the problem isn't TFL's philosophy on the growth of their board, it's the person that's offended.

So, yes, I do think there's benefits to "hurting" feelings. It either teaches the person that they need to quit being lazy while posting here or they go somewhere else that allows it. You can't make everyone happy. I've surfed around different forums and I keep coming back here. One of the reasons is the atmosphere here drives me to better myself in the firearms community. I don't see this in very many other forums. How you present yourself matters

Originally Posted by alloy
...but what happened to paragraphs and indenting the first word of each one? Now its all about typing a line per thought and then skipping a line. Maybe the bullet list is becoming the acceptable post format. Quotation marks around a word are used to show it means something "other" than what it means, when it really "means" the exact same thing? just described me! I'm shocked and appauled! Why don't you just call me out so I can blame you for my actions?
If it were up to me, the word "got" would be deleted from the English language.

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