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This board is populated by a a majority of members who actually give a hoot about the board and how it actually looks to new viewers. The written word is our only avenue of expression. Do it using standard English as best you are able.
I completely agree. The question is "Who is best to enforce those standards?" I believe it is best for the board and for new members to have these issues addressed:
1)By mods

Somebody comes on and posts:


and then we get two pages of fighting between them and veteran posters because of grammar and punctuation. Why? Who is benefiting by that exchange?

Not to mention that most, nearly all, attempts at "correction" violate rules #2 and #3, which is pretty ironic:
2) Language that would be inappropriate in the polite company of strangers is quite unwelcome here.
3) No spamming, trolling, flaming or other personal attacks, be they acrimonious or veiled in humor.

i.e.- What are you a freakin' moron? Don't you know where the space bar is? Damn dude, get a clue!

Most offenders seem to turn the focus away from their own transgression and make a big stink about their feelings being hurt.
Yep, and what is the benefit of hurting their feelings? None. The grammar should be corrected and they should be banned if they refuse to comply. Public humiliation benefits neither them nor us.

Disagreement is good, but dont allofwildalaskaspostsfallunderthebadgrammerviolations, and what would Shakespeare have thought of needing a smilie to denote sarcasm?
There is the letter of the law and then the spirit of the law.

I don't mind pointing it out.
I don't "mind" pointing it out either.

If we care about this board, and our (gun owners) image that it projects then the thought process should not be "Can I call this guy out for this...?" but rather "How will my comment make a positive contribution to this thread and this forum?" Hammering someone publicly because their VERY FIRST POST doesn't meet the standards of english grammar is not beneficial to ANYBODY. (anybody,anyone? I don't know, grammar is not my specialty)
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