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what a very ugly thought...bad guy pulls same prank cross referenced with local CCW list culled from liberal newpaper publishing names and addresses.

honestly i doubt id have the time/thought to call 911 if someone busts thru my front door. if i heard them first or saw the black helo with lights, i might have time...but a door going down is a call to action in my head. since im a good guy and do NOT expect the local swat guys...i would have to assume a home invasion.

even with 3 guys yelling 'police!' or 'warrant!' or'd be a pucker factor 7 mr sulu in any case.

i guess id hope that the time it took them to announce and enter would give me time to assess the situation...and give them time to assess as well.

Depending on the "reason" they are assuming is necessary for a dynamic entry..hostage or whatever...and entering my house with its lazy border collie and kids toys in the corner would set off at least a question in the swat teams mind...

they dont just roll thru the neighborhood and storm into sure there would be some recon and surveillance...maybe a phone call or whatever before someone decided its necessary to kick the door...
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