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My own opinion: If a person is lazy or downright self centered enough to post an incoherent statement publicly, then one should be willing to be criticized in public.

Case in point: People that make the excuse that they're using their blackberry and "can't" use correct punctuation is just inviting ridicule. It reflects poorly on Rich's standards of intelligent discussion on the boards.

I find it a total lack of respect and I personally don't have a problem at all letting the member know publicly. I don't call him an idiot, but I don't beat around the bush either pointing out the garbled mess.

Most offenders seem to turn the focus away from their own transgression and make a big stink about their feelings being hurt. Reminds me of the perfect example about the dying culture of being responsible for ones' actions.

I personally vote for continuing to allow the members to police ourselves on the small stuff and report the bigger stuff to staff. Let the citizens police themselves on the minor stuff...Call the Cops when there's real problems.

Our membership numbers have been growing at an alarming rate as of late. I don't see how one can expect the staff to handle every single minor infraction without the help of members.

Look at it this way, peetzakilla. Would be criminals are put on notice by citizens of a shall-issue state and are in a sense given public warning. We're probably armed, so I wouldn't try to rob me if I were you. No need to call the cops because the citizen has the right to help keep law and order.

Mal, if that's what you want, by all means I'll abide by what the staff wants. I can set my personal opinion aside in order to follow the rules (well, for the MOST part). I'm predicting an even heavier load on the staff than what is already in place, though.
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