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What a Moron

Jason Trowbridge, one of the defendants currently serving a five-year sentence, told the AP "Nobody ever thought anyone would get hurt or die from a SWAT call,"

Since i'm not a ruthless killer or a "meth salesman" I'm pretty sure that if i see a flashlight coming through my window at midnight i'm gonna grab my USP and push my Girlfriend behind the bed and wait readily for the intruder to leave or break in... While she calls 911. How do you think SWAT would react when they get into my room and i'm pointing a gun at them? I'd shoot me too, were I them.

I suppose your best bet is to make sure to call 911 asap (which should always be the case.) and inform the dispatch that you're armed (if you are of course) and that you don't know what's happening. But i'm excited to see what some other ideas might be, I love these threads, I always learn something.

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