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gun show STEAL!!!!

Bored and driving around, I caught wind of a local gun show... well, i was bored and had a few of my weapons that i had just got done at the range with.

so im in there browsing around and i neded up selling a Saiga .410 with folding stock for around $350. with those funds, i picked up a romanian .22 trainer for $40.

I had about given up in my search for a Carcano 91/24 when i came across this stand. this gentleman had a milk crate full of old rusty pistols. i noticed a French nagant version revolver, but nothing else. Well, i decided to dig a little deeper and at the VERY bottom of the crate, i saw IT! it meaning a C96 Broomhandle Mauser, the Bolo model!!!! I finagled with the man for a bit and ended up loosing my Stevens 200 in .223 and $200. so... inevitably i was out $550?

This weapon is not the prettiest, but with some time and TLC, she'll shine like a beauty.
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