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Defending the 2nd Amendment

This may sound like I am trying to promote my blog, but I really don't mean it that way. I have written an article about the 2nd Amendment that has garnered quite a few comments by a couple of people who are basically saying we need more gun regulation. I have tried to defend our rights and my brother has jumped into the discussion as well. The only things these folks have been able to come up with will do nothing but restrict our 2nd Amendment rights and do nothing to prevent criminals from having guns.

One of the main arguments they are using is the so called gun show loophole. Despite me showing them stats and explaining that buyers at gun shows have to already go through background checks and the like, they are insistent that straw purchasers are frequenting gun shows to mass purchase guns and resell them to criminals for a nice profit.

If any of you have a fresh perspective on this, please feel free to jump into the discussion. I have a feeling I am spitting in the wind with it, but I am just stubborn enough that they are not going to get the last word in. Maybe that's childish of me, but I am tired of gun control advocates thinking they have to restrict our rights in order to prevent criminals from having access to guns. The link to the article is below, if you are interested.

Defending the 2nd Amendment
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