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Rules Enforcement Left to Mods

I've seen several instances of rather inappropriate harshness directed by "veteran" members toward new members who violate forum rules. Most often rule 4. While I agree that improper punctuation, spelling and capitalization make for a difficult read I do not agree that it is or should be fellow members prerogative to openly chastise and embarrass new posters. New members who perceive that they are attacked for "i" instead of "I" are not likely to remain on board and become respected long term members. Correction of such relatively modest violations should be left to the mods and, even then, should be undertaken via PM, IMO.

I propose Rule #6:

TFL members are not grammar patrol. Enforcement of the forum rules is left entirely to the moderators. Any post that is in violation of any rules should be reported to the moderators using the "report post" button.

(Or something along those lines.)
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