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(WI) Going shooting in Racine on FRI. (WI)

Wondering if anyone wants to meet me and a couple friends at Shooters Sports Center In Racine WI. this Fri (FEB 06) evening. We will be arriving @ 6 P.M. and stay till @ 9 P.M.. It might be a good chance to meet some new friends. Let me know if any of you are interested. Also, if you would like to try a particular firearm out SSC has rentals and/or I actually have a larger inventory than they do (no foolin :-) and would be willing to bring something along for you to try out if SSC doesn't have it avail for rental. You provide the ammo. All handguns are allowed incl. Magnums (i.e. .454 casull and .500 s&w are a-OK)except in rifle caliber (i.e. tompson center pistol in .308 .etc) Carbines in pistol caliber are OK and shotguns shooting LEAD are OK. Keep me posted.
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