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I have a feeling it was a gun made by sauer and then used as a blank for Herr Klavberg. My family seems to remember my great uncle paying a pretty penny in the day, but it seems we may never know. It has the double triggers, crossbolt lock, tang safety, and I am told it was a buffalo horn buttplate. I assume that was African plains buffalo. All I know is it shoots good, will handle 2.75" 16 ga shells, stamped for nitro, and one barrel is choked pretty tight. (Have the turkey shoot prizes to show for it.) I really enjoy the way the gun handles in the field. The barrels are 30", or just a hair under. The triggers break crisply with no play, and I cant slide any of my feeler guages into the action at any point when closed. I've always wondered what this gun was worth. I had one official assesment done in the early 90's and he said insure it for 3500.00 replacement cost because of the quality.
Did JP Sauer or others sell actions to small custom smith's as blanks?
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