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What if we were to have a category, read only that could serve as a reference for issues that have been already been de-bunked. Maybe call it BUSTED. That way when someone posts on a BUSTED issue, there's no gray area that can be claimed, and they will have been busted, too!
So that we can stop the drive bys involving ammunition registration and HR 45 etc..

I think this is a good idea if it leads to the banning of individuals from the L&CR forum for failure to read the busted thread and starting a thread about an item contained within.

What about a new issue that sounds like a conspiracy, but there hasn't been time either to verify or de-bunk it? Should we write it off, or investigate first? If we do nothing, and the issue, turns out to be valid, then we may have lost some valuable time.
When an issue moves out of the realm of near impossibility into the realm of possibility I think we, as in the non conspiracy theorist, will all know. Say a bill has a great many co sponsors, is scheduled for a committe hearing, or is voted out of committee then I would venture a guess that it is an appropriate topic for discussion here.

Remember any nutty congressman can introduce any bill they want to, just like any nut can worry about a ban on guns, but that doesn't mean either is going to become law. We all know what many elected officical's position on gun laws are. Their positions are not secret but this forum is about the actual law, cases before the courts, or bills that could actually become law and not the fact that there are politicians that want to ban guns(which is very old news).
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