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Busted . . .

It is usually pretty straightforward to identify a conspiracy theory. Most of us who spend any time on the net will encounter them often enough to know.

If the issue, whatever it is, has been around for some time; there's no evidence of it's truth to be found, and it continues to be propagated, it is probably a conspiracy theory.

What if we were to have a category, read only that could serve as a reference for issues that have been already been de-bunked. Maybe call it BUSTED. That way when someone posts on a BUSTED issue, there's no gray area that can be claimed, and they will have been busted, too!

But what's the old saying? Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they aren't out to get you!

What about a new issue that sounds like a conspiracy, but there hasn't been time either to verify or de-bunk it? Should we write it off, or investigate first? If we do nothing, and the issue, turns out to be valid, then we may have lost some valuable time.
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