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I hate to say it, but I don't think the American people have it in us anymore.
I agree, but am not confident this is all bad.

Some parts of my family have been here since before the revolution, and I write none of this with hostility to early americans.

This was an insurrection that had as much to do with americans being upset about very modest taxation to help offset the considerable cost of defense against the abos and french as it did with issues of representation.

Only a couple of decade after we had the disorderly genie of revolution put back in the bottle, we invaded Canada. We were a country with so much land, we were giving it to people to get them to settle it, but we invaded Canada! My great, great, great uncle resigned his federal commission because it interfered with his role in his state's organised militia, then declared war on Michigan. A few decades later we slaughtered each other over the issue of whether states that had joined the union voluntarily were free to leave it.

Today's population does differ greatly, and I regret passive dependence of nearly the entire population on a heavy handed state. But I can't shake the sense that a couple of centuries ago we had ample vices to accompany our virtues.
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