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The thing about the limitations of the media have more to do with cost cutting than anything else.

It should be noted that the causes of a war or a revolution are not the same as what caused the war to actually start. In other words, there has to be a trigger event, you might say. In the case of the American Civil War, it was Ft. Sumter being fired upon. That was how the war started.

There were several causes of the American War of Independence, most of which are covered in the Declaration of Independence, like taxation and the lack of representation but generally, British arrogance and stupidity, something that has not gone away (not referring to only the British here). However, the war really started when attempts were made to confiscate arms held by the colonists, or more correctly, by the colonial governments. In Virginia, they were held in the magazine right in the middle of town across the street from the courthouse. That's right, the militia's arms were kept in the magazine under lock and key. The militia mustered out front. In Massachusetts the troops met by the minutemen in Concord were on their way to do the same thing.

The rest is history.
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