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johnwilliamson062 wrote:
I generally assume that if we have guns we will have freedom of the press.
Umm... Just how free the press is in this country, at the moment, is sort of debatable. The mainstream media, television, radio, and newspapers, are mostly controlled by a very small number of large corporations, at least some of which have obvious vested interests in determining how the news, and what news, is reported. NBC, for example, is owned by General Electric, which is also a huge defense contractor. Funnily enough, their coverage of the Iraq war over the past several years has amounted to Pentagon propaganda: consider, for example, the number of NBC's "commentators" and "news analysts" who are retired generals with ties to the defense industry. (This is true of other news outlets as well, but NBC is sort of a standout in this regard. For specifics on the "big three," look here:

It may be hard to stop an armed person from speaking, but money and power speak a lot louder.
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