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You probably won't like this but here goes anyway.

I am from the only state that broke away from another state over the issue of seccession, namely West Virginia, though it took a couple of years to happen. Another state also threatened to secede from the Confederacy. So to an extent, once it starts, there might be no stopping it. After all, the same principles seem to apply. And another thing, all revolutions, successful or unsuccessful, increase the power of governments. That isn't what you had in mind, was it?

The American War of Independence, revolutionary though it may have been, was not a revolution in the same sense that the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution were and it was hardly a civil war. The leaders of the American Revolution were pretty much the leaders before and after the way. It was the gentry who led that revolution.

Now, today, it may be that successful, talented, etc, people are being robbed of their freedom and dignity but to me it doesn't seem much like the rich are so much affected. Perhaps it is time for a revolution, only not for the reasons you may think.

On the subject of the Archduke's assasination, how could two people possibly have been killed by a .32 automatic? Surely everyone here knows nothing less than a .45 is adequate for that purpose! Oh, what's that? You say Ghandi was killed with one? And the pope? Yeah, but it didn't kill him. See?
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