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My point isn't that lead bullets will damage the poly rifling. I just personally wouldn't want to cast bullets for my CZ-82. First of all, they have to be cast plan on scrounging wheel weights. With the rising cost of lead these are getting harder to come by and the quality is inconsistent. The bullets will need to be sized...can't just shoot them out of the mold. Poly barrels are forgiving on pressure but they like consistency. So you'll have to size & lube them if you want optimal accuracy. Then you have environmental issues, like releasing lead into your personal universe. Plus you'll need casiings. Most 9X18mm "out there" are berdan primed & steel. It's hard to find reloadable Mak casings lying around the range. Plus, if you hang out with other Mak bullet casters (the real hardcore reloaders) you'll face peer pressure to trim 9X19mm cases to 9X18mm length...and then mark the case heads with a Sharpie. Then comes the inevitable confusion. Missing the magic marker in the dark you'll accidently load your new "Mak" cast loads into your Glock 19...providing yet another example for folks who say not to shoot cast bullets in a Glock...

But if you're going to cast your own anyway watch out for leading, especially in the headspace rim of the chamber. Clean the bore often and never try to "shoot it clean" by firing a jacketed bullet. With poly rifling the lead is smeared against the bore and becomes even harder to remove.

So even though I've been known to cast for some calibers, I'll stick with S&B & Wolf for my various Maks, PA-63 & P-64 too...

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