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What would it take to push you to Rebellion?

So our founding fathers, who are sometimes referred to by historians as the rebellious babies, declared independence b/c of much lower tax rates etc. than we now face because they were imposed without representation.

I think almost all would agree that at present there is no reason to form a rebellion, at least not against the national government. There are some arguments for California, NY, NJ, where I might not exactly jump on board, but I would have to admit it was probably worse situation than our founding fathers faced, except for the representation part. I don't think the situation warrants rebellion, but I would have trouble arguing against it and winning absolutely. I think the American revolution happened primarily b/c the lack of representation/respect, lets face it, no one likes being TOLD what to do even if they agree with what is being said. There is a reason it did not happen in 1607 and rather 169 years later even though the status of representation did not change.

So here is my question:
Lets say a convention is meeting in your state capitol to declare independence, what would it take for you to sign?

For me it would have to be a national ban on firearms. Likely handguns or rifles as I know the importance of both in Revolution. I don't really feel the need to truly exercise my 2nd amendment right unless there is an attempt to remove it.

I think this is important to discuss, because like many hard decisions in life, if you don't make your decision before the question is asked I think most just choose the easiest route.
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