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I paid $40 for the gun lol

I live in Pittsburgh PA. Go Steelers!

If I took the gun to a second guy and he said that it also did not need transferred, how can I prove that its newer than 1899? The only way is to look it up by SN, and apparently that is impossible.

Woad Yurt: I understand what you're saying. The local law IE the local FFL said that it does need transferred. With that in mind, how do I PROVE its age? Thats what I've been saying, I cannot prove it should be transferred.

Also, why pay the fee if I don't have to? I have all of my other pistols transferred cause I'm all about legality but for this revolver I don't care so much. I personally think the FFL is wrong but I have no PROOF. I don't feel like demanding a transfer for a gun I paid $40 for. Catch my drift?
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