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Typically 75-80% of the rifles on the line at my local range on any given day will be semi-autos, except in the weeks leading up to deer season where lever actions and bolties become real common.

Oh, and this little gem is amusing:

We are dealing with terms that do nothing but scare old ladies and give ammo to the anti gun crowd.
You say that like it actually matters. What is this, are we gonna try to "win the hearts and minds" of the enemy again? It worked so well last time...

And look at the recent massive waste of tax dollars they called "economic bailouts". Nearly all of the country was against it but they passed it anyway. Even if we could get 90% of Americans to join the NRA, support gun rights, blah blah blah, if the Reds in Washington want to disregard the Constitution, changing the way we talk isn't going to stop them.

The soft war is lost. Just be ready for what comes next.
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