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Act On and Pass Along if Possible

Good stuff - please pass along!

If you value your ability to own firearms, read this, act on it, and forward it.

If gun owners follow their past history of being oblivious to what’s going on until AFTER the law is being rushed through to ‘save’ us from whatever ‘emergency’ crime spree is being used as an excuse, we will once again FAIL to stop dangerous, counterproductive legislation.

If gun owners follow their past history of ONLY caring about the type of guns they shoot, or the place where they live, we will once again FAIL to stop dangerous, counterproductive legislation.

If gun owners follow their past history of expecting someone ELSE to do the work, write the letters, make the calls, and protect their freedom, they will once again show the world that most gun owners are NOT “patriots” and really do just care about keeping their hobby convenient, as opposed to protecting the safety of our streets and the stability of our society.

Yes, GUN OWNERS are more to blame for stupid gun laws than the moronic, self-serving politicians who propose those laws; after all that’s what politicians DO - they posture, grandstand, and invent scary Hegelian demons we’ll beg them to protect us from. That’s how they get more power and more money, and how we’ve arrived at a socialist society where every facet of our lives is micro-managed by bureaucrats.

Gun owners, on the other hand, are supposed to be “responsible” citizens - is that too much to ask? We expect them to safely handle their firearms, and we expect that they’ll take a few minutes from the deer stand, or a few dollars from the ammunition budget, and be politically active. Some of them cling to a fantasy “from my cold, dead fingers” world and imagine dramatic shootouts with jack-booted thugs. That would really make a nice movie, maybe starring Humphrey Bogart or John Wayne, directed by John Milius. I’ll watch it. Meanwhile, some of us would rather KEEP what’s left of our freedom, and our lives, and use those fingers to write frequent letters to the public servants we’ve let run amok for too long.

If you want to keep your guns, and more importantly, if you want your children and grandchildren to live in a nation with any semblance of freedom, you need to write your legislators NOW. Write them now, BEFORE the law is being rushed through, and BEFORE your legislator has made come ‘commitment’ to support it, out of stupidity YOU could have corrected. Write them NOW because by the time the next spectacular media crime is fueling legislation, it WILL be too late...

Paraphrase the following if you want to, or if you have to, just cut, paste, and send it as is. But DO IT NOW!

Don’t wait for the avalanche of gun laws to be falling - by then it WILL be too late.

Dear ___________

I’m writing you just to let you know that REGARDLESS of the ‘details,’ I want you to oppose ANY new gun control laws, period. The problem isn’t how to define ‘assault weapons,’ or who should own what, or how to make some illegitimate ‘registration list’ appear useful when it’s not, or pretend such databases are not a clear and present danger to the stability of our form of government. Safe streets and a stable government do not require ‘gun control’ laws - in fact they are put at risk by the symbolic, useless, and dangerous laws proposed. There is NOT an acceptable ‘compromise’ and no form of registration or prohibition is ‘reasonable.’

YOUR job is to uphold the Constitution and NOT to endanger our nation with ridiculous ‘feel good’ laws to appease anti-gun colleagues or ignorant citizens who have been duped into supporting illegitimate ‘gun’ laws. It is not a time for ‘compromise’ or political expediency, nor a time to pretend you think the Second Amendment is somehow there to protect ‘legitimate sporting firearms’ - maintaining proper balance between citizen and government is hardly a matter of lighthearted ‘sport.’ Please remember that.

I expect you to support the Second Amendment, without exception.

Sincerely, ____________

1. Please send this RIGHT AWAY to ALL your legislators, pro- or anti- gun, federal, state, and local. Send it AGAIN in a week or two, by email (for them to tally) AND by post-card (they might actually read those). Send it EVERY WEEK to all of them! If they are anti-gun, annoy the hell out of them until they commit to supporting the Second Amendment. If they are pro-gun, support them, send them pro-gun articles they can use to defend their position, like Guns in the Medical Literature -- A Failure of Peer Review -, or Guns and Public Health - epidemic of violence, or pandemic of propaganda? -

2. If you don’t know who ALL your legislators are, you should be ashamed, but you can FIX this problem - go to and FIND OUT.

3. Please forward this to your lazy-butt gun-owning friends who have time to watch the ball games, or go deer hunting, but don’t ever have time to write political letters.

4. DON’T be too ‘polite’ to involve ‘non-gun’ people - THEIR freedoms are just as important to them, and just as endangered. They aren’t interested in ‘guns’ and therefore are not likely even aware of what the current laws are, or the implications of future ones. They likely don’t really realize how crucial the Second Amendment is, and that it isn’t just some obsolete ‘theory’ from history - thousands of innocent people in other nations are murdered every DAY by their own police and military, and such genocide REQUIRES gun registration, then bans, especially of ‘military-style’ firearms. Those ones are the ones most important for a free society to have in the hands of ordinary citizens, but because they look scary, and are vilified by the media on a daily basis, non-gun-owners at best think of them as dangerous ‘toys’ that eccentric gun owners want to play with - NOT as the very thing standing in the way of the next Hitler or Pol Pot. Yes, the ‘non-gun’ people need to get involved - the social instability and violence and crime which always follow gun control will endanger their future and their families, too. Educate them by passing this along to them.

5. [...add other useful information you think of here...]

Genocide information - - R.J. Rummel is an authority on 20th Century genocide.

How Gun Laws lead directly to Genocide - - Zelman & Stevens document the connection quite thoroughly.
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