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navy go back to sea,the federal law,bans under 21 but on a FTF,the fed does not apply.but he is right its safer to stick to 21
WTH? Yeah, of course, you are correct, we should avoid perfectly legal behavior and practices because it is safer. Never turn right on a red light, because that cop may not see you come to a complete stop and may give you a ticket.

If it's LEGAL, then it's LEGAL, if it ain't, then it ain't. You are correct that Federal law does not apply to FTF intrastate firearms transactions. And Federal law only bans the PURCHASE of HANDGUNS from LICENSED dealers by <21 year olds so how could that possibly apply to the transfer of a firearm by someone 18 to 20 years old TO another party.

The 18 to 20 year old would not even be the transferee, they would be the transferor. You might have to look up those words in a dictionary, if you don't understand them. We have dictionaries at sea.
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