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There is already a link to vote for the AWB . .,1665219.story

Timoney said the homicides last year from assault weapons has jumped to 29 percent of all shooting fatalities. "These are weapons of war and they don't belong on the streets of Miami or any other street in America," said Miami Mayor Manny Diaz
If true, you just gotta wonder what all constitutes an 'assault weapon' under their definition.
That figure is seriously skewed somehow.

About a hundred green markers, indicating bullet shells, were scattered across Northwest 14th Avenue
. . yeah, no doubt this will be iron clad evidence of the 'urgent need' to limit magazine capacity.

According to detectives, a man with an AK-47 assault rifle fired several rounds, and then ran around a corner, continuing to fire. At the site around the corner, investigators said they found rounds from a second weapon. Police are trying to determine who fired the second weapon, and would not say what type of weapon it was.
And if this remains unsolved for any period of time, here lies the 'evidence' that we need to tack on the 'microstamping' provision so that all future shootings can be quickly traced back to the person who bought the ammo . . .

Everything is falling into place, and the needed situation has just been presented for the chosen one to take the one single action he has been groomed for from the start.
Count on it.
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