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OK. Let me try, hoytinak.
Originally Posted by hoytinak
Another post got me thinking about this (been wondering since I got mine though). I looked through the forum rules and didn't find any mention of infractions so I thought I'd ask here. Seems many members on here have gotten infractions (including myself) and was wondering what the deal is with these. Have you always given these out, if not when did yall start this?
IIRC, they became available as a tool with the current version of vBulletin. Bud was the first to start using them. Then I started. I think we are the only mods using them at this point. For what it's worth, we really haven't given that many out, regardless of what it seems.
(since there's nothing in the rules about them)
...because the rules were all made before this tool was available?
How many gets you booted for good? Mine says is doesn't expire.....for those that do expire, how long to they stay on our "record"? Anything else we members should know about them?
Infractions are nothing more than a warning. Like any warning, if you get one, that's more than the rules say we need to give. They can be set to ban a member if a certain point value is met, however that has not been set up. Theoretically, you could receive several infractions (over the years) and not get booted. That's the same as with formal warnings... Which also stay on your "record" forever.

Here's the thing. We all make mistakes. If you are warned about a certain thing and don't repeat that behavior, then your safe from the boot. There are members with several warnings, all about different things and they are still members. It's the people that don't get it and keep running afoul of the rules in the same or similar manner, after being warned, that will be shown the door.

Folks who contribute to the goals of the Firing Line are not booted, because of a mistake, now and then. It's generally the anti-social neanderthals that will see the exit sign. Many of that type, never even see a warning.

Does that answer your questions?
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