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Looking to purchase with your help

I want to purchase a few older firearms. The current list I am interested in includes: Russian 1895 Nagant Revolver, Mosin-Nagant 91/30, and the Steyr 1895 Stutzen Carbine. What info/reviews are out there for these things?

The 91/30 comes in a round and hex receiver which advertisements claim the hex is the better. Is this true?
If all goes well, I will purchase from J & G Sales. These suppliers offer select grades for an additional price. I was considering the select bore on the 91/30 over the select grade, an extra $10 over the select grade and $20 over the regular, but possibly worth it since I plan on shooting the rifle a bit.
Also, what type of ammo should I look for? FMJ? Soft Point? J&G has both.

Same deal for the revolver, extra $10 for select, worth it?

With the Steyr clips are mentioned but not included. Any idea where to find them, and are they required as advertised? What about ammo? J&G can include with purchase but did not find any on the sites I visit for this firearm.
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