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Couple points. I'm listening to KSFO, and MY college, St. Mary's Moraga, is having Bill Ayers speak this Wednesday night, under the banner of free speech.

Folks from such wonderful terrorist groups retired, and, a LOT of them live in this area, or did at the time, and still live here.

Having also lived in the Berkeley area at the time, I can safely say that these groups are NOT 'liberal', and, my previous description should be more along the lines of Stalin.

Mr. Long:
The Nevada law that I've observed enhances legal penalty in the following ways.
If you are part of a group that conspires to commit a criminal act, ALL participants in the crime will be charged with the actions of the members who use guns, not sure about other weapons.

Also, they define kidnapping as almost any restraint in a confined area, by threat of force. In other words, if you use a gun to confine someone while you commit another crime, you are going to be charged with both robbery, and kidnapping. Then everyone in the group is going to be charged with using a weapon to commit the crime, in this case a gun, and both crimes as well.

I much prefer this method of law, rather then banning the private citizens ability to defend himself from armed felons.

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