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For the record, here's a link to the Brady lawsuit challenging the rule change, filed 12/30/08.

case# 1:08-cv-02243

I don't know how to track legal records, (pacer?) perhaps other knowledgeable members can post links to subsequent court filings/decisions as they accrue.

Assigned to Judge Colleen Kotar-Kotelly (A Bill Clinton appointee, who has slapped the Bush administration on at least a couple of occasions.) Is this pertinent?

Interesting, 2 of the 3 named defendants on this lawsuit are now gone (Kempthorne and Bomar). Replaced by Salazar, and another Obama appointee TBA. What happens when new administration's legal response is filed, essentially admitting to the malfeasance? Presumably only special interests like NRA, etc. will be left to file friends-briefs averring the charges.

Will that factor into the judge's decision?

How many of the 50-odd senators who signed the original letter requesting the change, are still in office?

The suit asks for reversal, and injunctive relief to block implementation. I'm assuming no decision (granting or denying the injunction) has yet been issued.

Scanning internet articles, it appears many forces are arraying against this rule change, including invoking the Congressional Review Act (undoing many of GWB's "midnight decisons") . Far fewer voices speaking up in favor. Time will tell, but I'd say it is quite foolish to dismiss concerns about this issue as chicken little doomsday crapola.
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