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Well I got my bar sto barrels for the P229 i have , it is the .40 and i got the .357 sig and 9mm barrels in stainless, first all the barrels are first rate, they did just drop in and the fit is snug, for all you doubters, i did just replace the 9mm barrel and just all the exsiting gun and it shot 9mm flawlessly, no catches or malfunc. got to love the ideal of buying one gun and just 2 inexpensive barrels 180.00 each and having 3 guns. if anyone one wants more info email me. i will update again after final shooting 200-300 rounds and shooting the .357 sig 200-300 rounds. also grouping info from free hand. i alread see 1/2 inch improvement just the first 50 rounds in the 9mm compared to the .40. great gun.
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