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I agree that the Guard and reserves were places to go to evade the draft, which is not to say the draft was a bad idea (but a different subject). I served in both the regular army, as did my father and my son and my father-in-law and a few other relatives. In fact, one of my wife's first cousins was married to an Air Force general, who was on duty in the Pentagon on 9/11 as Inspector General of the Air Force. He happens to be an avid sportsman. But I digress.

I also served in the D.C. National Guard. One of the positive aspects of the draft was that it provided a broader cross section of the population, more or less, and also provided an incentive to actually join the guard or reserves. Whether that was all a Good Thing or not is subject to speculation.

A more active local defense militia is really something new and as far as I can think of, more closely related to Colonial militia or rangers than anything else. There may have been something similar active during WWII as a coastal watch but not exactly the same thing I have in mind. So having something like that again isn't so much a conservative idea as it is radical. Naturally the need or usefulness of such a thing would vary across the country and, to an extent, across any given state. I presume there is little need for border security in, say, Iowa. But the idea is to have something organized along military lines on a part time basis to act as an auxillary border patrol more than anything else. But military, not police and national, not state. Armed, not like the Civil Air Patrol. But local, not deployable elsewhere. Britain used to have units called fencibles during the Napoleonic War period that were home defense only, not for overseas use. But these would be strictly local, like the Home Guard.

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