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Is it comparable in quality to the Marlin? Of course not. If it was, it would cost much more.
Yes, I know this is an old thread

However , If the CZ was built in the U.S. it would indeed cost much more. Look at what the "old" Remington 541 used to cost in the mid 1990s compared to what CZs cost today and the CZ is not such a bad deal. Or to look at it another way if CZ had been building lever action 22s for well over a 100 years they would undoubtedly cost less than our 39s.

The 39 has a cult status which is one of the most loyal in all of rimfire rifles. Most of it understandable , but there are those that insist it is the BEST of everything - accuracy , reliability , smoothness , balance , workmanship and any other attribute you can think of.

Owning more than a few rimfires including a 39 and some CZs the 39 stands out as the fun plinker. The CZs trounce the 39 in a pure accuracy constest. And either of the CZs are far easier for me to shoot standing with no support.
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