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Anyone who has spent time in the service knows they will have no trouble finding things to do. But I think there is just as much danger of mission creep on the part of the civil police as there is with the army. Sometimes the civil police look too much like the military. After all, they have automatic weapons, helmets, and some departments even have armored vehicles.

In any event, there are already national law enforcement agencies that have been used locally, not that there are any possible uses that are not local in some sense of the word. The US Marshalls seem to be the ones in charge in such cases, usually reinforced by other agencies and, sometimes, the military.

I think it has been a mistake to use the National Guard so freely for overseas deployments. The idea behind integrating the National Guard and Reserve into deployment plans was to insure that operations had the backing of the general population, at least in theory. There might be a problem if the National Guard doesn't represent the general population, demographically speaking (if you follow me) but that's another story. But I don't think the present situation justifies such frequent deployments on the basis of an emergency, which is also another story.

I also believe there is justification for another component of our armed forces, being that of a "real" militia (yes, well regulated). I believe it should operate as a federal or national (if you don't like the word federal) force to free it from both the influence of governors and from the function of the National Guard.

I know there is already a local defence force, whatever it's called, apparently intended for guarding key local installations, but it appears there is a greater need for border and coast security, at least in places. Trouble is, not everyone believes that. Most people here seem to, but not in other places.

This militia would have to be locally recruited and ought to be armed with small arms. It would be part time, of course, and uniformed sufficiently for identification purposes. An auxilliary force, if you will. Arms would be not problem but no doubt recruiting would be.

Canada has such a force operating on it's northern frontier. Apparently the border isn't as clear as they would like and an active presence is necessary. Almost a novel idea. I can see it being employed along both the southern national border and along the southeast coast where supposedly a certain amount of smuggling goes on.

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