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Would anyone know where to aquire an original right grip?
I liked to know that also. Original grips are hard to find. I wish you good luck!

Hi Jeff,

Any information is appreciated, but I am most interested in when it was made, what the "H"s mean, approximate value, and anything you can tell me about the holster.
well, I'll try. You have a Sauer model H with police acceptance (eagle/C). The checkered mag button is typical for early police accepted Sauer Hs (there was a police decree of 1943 according to which the height of the mag button of police accepted Sauer Hs had to be lowered and to be chekered. This wasn't carried out on all police accepted Sauers making this checkered mag button rare).

Yes, the SuS stands for "Sauer und Sohn" (Sauer and Son).

The "H" markings are quiet normal for Sauer Hs over SN 273xxx approximately. Between February and March 1940 the designation of the pistol changed from "model 38" to "model H" (don't ask me what this stands for – there is no single pre-war document explaining this – there is only a lot of guessing, what leads to nothing).

Yours was made… well, late in 1940, maybe early in 1941. Unfortunately, there is no documentation of production dates. Only collector's assumptions.

The holster: this is no Sauer holster, but a holster for the Czech model 27. The marking on the back should be the CZ logo. And the Wehrmacht acceptance will be an eagle over WaA 76, I guess. See here:

Value: well, as I am German and being not familiar with the US market, I can't tell. A major factor will be (as always) the condition.


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