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I would pick a 39A any day because:
1) I like tang mounted peep sights for the extra long sight radius. You can never mount one on a CZ bolt gun.
2) The 39A simply points better - like a shotgun. This is why Annie Oakley could shoot at glass balls tossed in the air
3) The 39A will hold 25 .22 Shorts and waaaay more LR than the CZ.
4) The 39A is quieter. You can easily tell the difference with .22 Short ammo. This is an advantage for small game hunting. I think it is because of the the amount of metal in the receiver and its shape. I have tested them side by side.
5) The 39A is a takedown and will fit in the *trunk* of my Jeep Wrangler.
6) The 39A will shoot crappy ammo OK.
1) Receiver mounted peep sights are available for the CZ bolt guns. I've got one and it works very well. More about the sight radius later on.

2) I think that how a gun "points" has to do with how it fits a particular shooter. It may very well be true that many shooters find that the 39A is more easily shot offhand than the average CZ bolt rimfire. However, the CZ452 is not one rifle, it's a family of rifles with a variety of barrel lengths, triggers & stocks so it's hard to talk about the pointability of the line as if all of the rifles will handle similarly.

3) If "high-capacity" is the goal, I wouldn't choose either the CZ or the 39A.

4) I have a sneaking suspicion that my two CZ452 rifles are much quieter than any 39A. They came from the factory with 29" bbls. Not only does that reduce the report considerably, it also means that the sight radius when using a receiver peep sight is just over 31". I don't know if that beats the sight radius of a 39A with a tang sight, but it's certainly not shabby.

5) Portability/takedown is not the strong suit of the CZ bolt rifles.

6) I can't say that I've done a lot of testing with "crappy ammo", but I can't see why a CZ rifle would perform any poorer than a 39A does when using it.

I think what it comes down to is that if a person likes the 39A he should get one. But he shouldn't get one thinking that it's likely to outshoot the CZ rimfire rifles. It might, but that seems not to be the rule.

Furthermore, the CZ rimfire rifles come in a lot of different flavors, if one model doesn't fit a shooter's requirements (not enough sight radius, doesn't point well for that shooter) the odds are that there's another model that will better suit his needs.
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