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Hi, I'm new to the forum and I was wondering if anyone could help with some information on a pistol that my grandfather brought back from his government paid trip to Europe. I'm posting in this thread because the pistol is very similar to the one that sauerfan and pooka posted pictures of with the exception that mine has a thumb safety and the mag release is checkered.

The markings are as follows:

Left slide
-J.P. Sauer & Son Suhl cal 7.65
Right slide
-there is also a eagle N stamp just bellow the rear sight
Left grip
-SuS (I'm assuming this stands for sauer und Sohn)
Right grip has no markings
Left reciever
-eagle C stamp on the trigger guard
Right receiver
-eagle N stamp below the serial number

There are also several "H"s stamped on the receiver barrel and slide.

The pistol apears to be in fairly good shape; no rust or scratches, but the finish is starting to wear on the front of the slide.

I also have two magazines and a holster for it. The markings on the holsters are:
From left to right on the belt loop side
-what appears to be a "C" wish some other symbol inside of it
-an eagle with what looks to be W0A13 underneath
-P. MOD. 27

Any information is appreciated, but I am most interested in when it was made, what the "H"s mean, approximate value, and anything you can tell me about the holster.

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