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Now mind you I have been to shows where prominently displayed at the table was "Private sale, cash Only, No Background Check". Sort of a drag when you see the same guy with a table full doing that show after show
This IS the "loophole". If there are dealers (i.e. people who deal in firearms on a regular basis for profit) that are not doing the NICS check, that is a loophole in the FFL law. A private party selling off a few guns or his granddad's collection is another matter.

In my opinion - and you can flame my butt to eternity if you want - all DEALERS at gun shows should be required to do the NICS check. Private parties selling off a few guns should NOT have to. Yes, you can argue semantics and the definition of a 'dealer' and a 'private party', but just like pornography, I know a dealer when I see one.

Furthermore, as responsible and law-abiding as we say we are, shouldn't we want to have all gun show dealer conduct NICS checks? We have no problem with them in stores, do we?
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